This is an implementation of the media type application/vnd.api+json (JSON:API) to be integrated with Spring HATEOAS.

Hal Explorer

With HAL Explorer you can browse and explore HAL and HAL-FORMS based RESTful Hypermedia APIs. HAL Explorer also supports Spring Profiles.

Modern WebApps Workshop

Material for my workshop “Modern Web Apps with Spring Boot & Angular" for building modern web apps with the Spring stack, and Angular.


Chatty is my playground to evaluate several technologies, like Spring Boot, Angular, TypeScript, Bootstrap, Atmosphere and many more.


JCalendar is a Java date picker bean. JCalendar is composed of several other components that can easily be used in GUI builders.

The Maze of Delon

The Maze of Delon is my first experiment with Babylon.js and Web based Virtual Reality (WebXR). This is in a very early stage, please stay tuned.