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JSR 277 and OSGi ?


Last weekend I met with Geertjan from the NetBeans team and we had an interesting discussion about OSGi, the NetBeans module system and JSR 277. Geertjan showed me a blog entry of Mandy Chung, talking about interoperability of JSR 277 and OSGi. if you are interested in this topic, take a look at Mandy’s recent blog entry and also at the blog of Bryan Atsatt. What do you think?

Eclipse RCP vs. NetBeans Platform BOF @ JavaOne

Friday I got a mail from JavaOne saying that also my BOF Eclipse RCP vs. NetBeans Platform got accepted :). I will do the BOF together with Geertjan Wielenga from Sun. Since we won’t have too much time for discussion during the big technical session, the BOF will be a great opportunity to share experiences with both rich client platforms. The BOF will be Thursday, May 08, 6:30pm – 7:20pm.

Eclipse RCP @ JavaOne

I am very happy that my session “The NetBeans Platform Compared to the Eclipse Rich Client Platform” got accepted at this year’s JavaOne conference. This time I will give the session together with Geertjan Wielenga (from Sun’s NetBeans team), who will cover the NetBeans Platform while I can focus on the Eclipse Rich Client Platform.