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Subversive vs. Subclipse


I am a bit frustrated right now. Last week I installed Eclipse 3.4 and I thought, now it is a good time to give Subversive a try, since it is the “official” subversion client now. I am using Subclipse for years now, and it was working very well and smoothly til today. Here are my experiences using Subversive with Native JavaHL connector (Eclipse 3.4 on Windows Vista together with an existing Subversion repository):

  • I destroyed accidentally the src/* directories of many of my projects in the trunk of my subversion repository. I don’t know what I did wrong, because on the client-side everything looked fine to me (And I did exactly what Subversive recommends about reconnecting svn working copies checked out with another client). I only realized the deletion of the source folders when I wanted to check out the projects from another machine. I googled about that strange behavior and found out that I was not the first one who destroyed the src directories…
  • Then I fixed the repository from a recent tag, and checked out all projects into a clean workspace using Subversive. Now I am having problems with the bin directories. I don’t know why, but Subversive thinks that some of my Java files are in the bin directory on the server, but of course they are not. I got error messages like: 0x00000004: The resource is inaccessible: /com.siemens.ct.mp3m/bin/com/siemens/ct/mp3m/ When I open the synchronize view I also see Java files in the svn repository’s bin sub-directory (which don’t exist in the repository)

Probably I just don’t use Subversive the right way or I should try another connector, but right now, I want to switch back to Subclipse. I am wondering if others have similar experiences using Subversive + native JavaHL and Eclipse 3.4 on Vista. Or, I would appreciate any tips how to make it work like I would expect.