JAOO 2008 Conference

I just returned from JAOO 2008, a developer conference held in Aarhus, Denmark. Jaoo is one of my favorite conferences, and this year it was as great as the years before. My “Advanced Eclipse RCP” tutorial went well and I got very valuable feedback. But one thing bothers me when I give “Advanced” RCP tutorials. There are so many topics that I would consider “advanced” that I have to pick them with regards to the expected audience and the tutorial time. So here is my question: What are the 5 most important advanced RCP topics that you would like to see in an advanced RCP tutorial?

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  1. Prasoon Kumar

    Well, please post the presentation, then I’ll comment on it for sure! 😉

  2. Kai Tödter

    The topics of the 4 hour JAOO tutorial were:
    – Adaptors & Adaptor Factories
    – Virtual Trees & Tables
    – Headless Build for RCP Applications
    – Customizing Look & Feel using the Presentation API
    – Advanced product & feature branding
    – P2, the new provisioning System

    I’ll post the slides later 🙂

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