Dynamic OSGi Session @ OOP 2009

Together with my buddies Martin Lippert and Gerd Wütherich I gave a talk about “patterns and best practices for dynamic OSGi applications” at the OOP conference in Munich. The talk was fun and even Peter Kriens told us afterwards that he learned something :). You can download the presentation here. Most things in the presentation are implemented in my dynamic OSGi demo, take a look at the project home page. Here you find examples of the Whiteboard pattern, the Extender pattern, as well as UI view contribution services using

  • OSGi Declarative Services
  • Spring Dynamic Modules
  • iPOJO
  • Google Guice / Peaberry

Have Fun


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  1. Chris Aniszczyk

    Good stuff Kai!

    For an improvement, I think the extender pattern becomes a bit easier to deal with in OSGi r4.2 as I believe there’s the BundleTracker class available.

  2. Henk L

    I visit your talk at the OOP, and I have tried your great demo. I’m also interested how you configure eclipse in such a way that I’t easy to deploy bundles or not. On the demo page you mention:
    •You can also switch to the new bundle view and select or deselect bundles
    I can not find this option or view in Eclipse, can you help me.

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