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Since I am very interested in mobile platforms like Android, iOS, etc. I decided to add a mobile theme to my WordPress based blog. After playing around with different options I decided to give the WordPress Mobile Pack a try. As a result, you should see a different theme if you access my blog from mobile devices. It should look like this:

But after some experiments I liked the 1.9.x version of WPTouch (which is still free) even better. Now my mobile Blog looks like:

Please give me feedback how my blog looks on your mobile device. On my Android based N1 it looks and behaves quite good, but I have no idea how it does on other devices.



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PS: I am working on a technical blog about “Modular Web Applications with OSGi and Vaadin” — stay tuned


  1. Trevor Kaufman12-18-2010

    The theme looks great from my HTC Desire.

  2. ekke12-19-2010

    hi kai,
    the theme looks good on iPhone and also on BlackBerry OS6 (tested with Torch),
    but not so good under BlackBerry OS5 (tested with Storm and Bold) – but this is a know problem of the old BB Browser engine. the new OS6 Browser engine is a WebKit engine.

    BTW: my wordpress blog is hosted at and there under
    Appearance -> Extras -> is a checkbox to set “display a mobile theme if viewed with a mobile browser”

    I have checked this and tested from my iPhone and my BB devices – works well.
    perhaps you can tell me how it looks from your Android ?


  3. Kai Tödter12-19-2010

    @Trevor Kaufman
    Thx, Desire and N1 are almost the same phones 🙂

  4. Kai Tödter12-19-2010

    Since it uses WPTouch as mobile theme, your blog looks just great on Android phones. I like it even more that the WordPress Mobile Pack, so I have installed it right now 🙂

  5. ekke12-20-2010

    @Kai Tödter
    and wptouch also looks great on BlackBerry OS5

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