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Eclipse 4.x RCP + JavaFX Renderer

Recently I have ported my e4 Contacts Demo to Tom Schindl’s e(fx)clipse. Besides a very nice JavaFX tooling integration into the Eclipse IDE, Tom also started a JavaFX 2.0 based rendering engine for Eclipse 4.x  based applications. I enhanced the JavaFX renderer just a little bit to fit better to the needs of the contacts demo. I also integrated dynamic theme switching based on CSS themes. Here is the result (these pictures are not from mocks, but from the running e4 JavaFX contacts demo):

Just click on the pictures to see them in original size. Of course this is just a first start, but to me it looks very promising. If you happen to be at the W-JAX conference during the next days, just grab me and ask for a live demo. I will also show this at my full day workshop “Rich-Client-Entwicklung mit Eclipse RCP 4.1” on Friday.

As soon as we have merged it into the master of Tom’s github repo, I’ll let you know.

Stay tuned!


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  1. Hekmatof

    is this just work in windows platform? does JavaFx work correctly on Gnu/Linux Platforms too?

  2. Kai Tödter

    JavaFX 2.0 should also run on Mac OS X (Beta) and soon on Linux.

  3. Oliver Pfau

    Java FX 2.0 look cool 🙂
    But I miss the part layout, wizards from RCP 🙁

  4. Oliver Pfau

    Checked out the example…how is the styled MenuBar and Toolbar created?

  5. Adil Fulara

    Hi Kai,

    Is the source code for this demo available online on github ? Looks good.


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