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EclipseCon: Here I come (Update)

EclipseCon is one of my favorite conferences. Tomorrow morning I’ll take a flight from Munich to Dulles, US. I’ll plan to be at the EclipseCon location around 5:00 pm.
I am going to give 2 presentations:

  • Monday: Eclipse 4 Application Platform Tutorial. Here you will learn all the important fundamentals of the Eclipse 4 Application Platform. After the tutorial you will be able to start with Eclipse 4 based rich client development. Update: Got already 121 registrations 🙂
  • Wednesday: Dynamic RIAs with OSGi and Vaadin. Here you will learn how to create dynamic and modular UIs for Web Applications that use server-side OSGi and Vaadin.

I am also planning to have a BOF together with Tom Schindl (and hopefully other e4 committers) to discuss the future of the Eclipse Application Platform regarding rendering engines for JavaFX (and Swing?).

If anyone wants to visit Washington DC on Sunday, please let me know.

I am looking forward to meeting you at EclipseCon!



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Eclipse 4 got some UI Love


I am a UI guy, meaning UI is very important to me. Both in terms of usability as well as in terms of design. I have to admit that I am not the biggest fan of the new Eclipse 4 design, but I want to point out that I do see improvements from 4.2 M5 to 4.2 M6. Firstly, the splash screen. I did not like the original Eclipse 4 splash screen at all (no offense). The current splash screen looks much better imho. My personal color reception has some small issues with the (azure blue) background in conjunction with the (more purple) Eclipse logo but overall I like the new splash screen.

Here is the old 4.2 M5 splash screen:

and here is the new 4.2 M6 splash screen:

You might think: Who cares about the splash screen? Actually many people do care because that’s the first thing you see when you launch a new software product. I you like it and find it great, then it is more likely that you also like the actual software.

Another improvement is the enabling and disabling of some icons. The picture below shows 4.2 M5. The disabled save and save-all icons are rendered monochrome.

In 4.2 M6 it looks much better:

You might also notice that now the Package Explorer tab got a gradient background. These are little things but In my point of view they sum up. And all these little things make the overall experience more delightful and give the product a more professional touch.

My last question  is: Do you think I am a nitpicker or do you agree with me?

CU at EclipseCon!


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Eclipse 4 Talk for Java User Group Munich


Today (March 12th 2012) I am going to give a talk for the Java User Group Munich.

Title: “Das Eclipse 4.x Rendering Konzept: Trennung von Application Model und UI Toolkit
Language: German
When: Monday, March 12th, 7:00pm
Where: mgm technology partners – Frankfurter Ring 105a – D-80807 München – 3. OG
More info:

CU there!


You find me on Twitter and Google+.
Next Eclipse RCP 3.x/4.x trainings in Munich