Old Computers

Found a great Web site with all kinds of old computers, see http://oldcomputers.net/. Here is a list of all the old computers had owned and still love:

– Sinclair ZX 81: http://oldcomputers.net/zx81.html
– Sinclair ZX Spectrum: http://oldcomputers.net/zx-spectrum.html
– Atari 520 ST: http://oldcomputers.net/atari520st.html

I used to write games in assembler for the Sinclairs. One game for the ZX Spectrum still runs as a Java Applet on my web site (http://www.toedter.com/en/delon/mazeofdelon.html).

I always have nostalgic feelings when I remember all the fun a had with the above old computers.


Which old computers did you own?

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