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RCP Headless Build with PluginBuilder


One of my open action items for my MP3 Manager RCP Demo was to provide a headless build. It tried out PDE Build once and it worked great, but I had problems enabling the unit test runs. Recently I created a new project that uses PluginBuilder to generate the PDE build infrastructure. PluginBuilder is a great tool for easily setting up a PDE build structure for your RCP app and supports the integration ofΒ  SVN and CVS, as well as the integration of unit tests. Unfortunately, currently the RCP build only works with Eclipse 3.3.2, when using Eclipse 3.4, the executable is not generated but I hope that 3.4 will be supported when it is final.

P2 and RCP Apps


With every new 3.4 RC I try to p2-enable the mail demo application. I got many valuable tips from Pascal and I think, I am getting closer but I am not there yet :). Here is, what I did:

  • I created the mail demo from the wizard
  • I created a product configuration and included all the necessary p2 related plug-ins
  • Then I exported the app to my local file system
  • The next step was to create a metadata and an artifact repository
  • I used Eclipse 3.4 RC3 and started an osgi app with the following parameters
    -application org.eclipse.equinox.p2.metadata.generator.EclipseGenerator
    -metadataRepository file:C:/java/test-install
    -artifactRepository file:C:/java/test-install
    -source c:/java/rcp/examples/p2-maildemo/eclipse
    -root Mail
    -rootVersion 1.0.0
    -flavor foobar
  • The repositories were successfully created
  • Then I installed the p2 agent 3.4 RC3
  • I created a new profile and installed the Mail application to a new installation location
  • I could successfully run newly installed Mail application πŸ™‚ So far, so good

Now I want to install the application directly from Eclipse using the director application. I created a run configuration with the following argument:

-flavor foobar
-installIU Mail
-version 1.0.0
-p2.os win32 win32
-p2.arch x86
-profile MailProfile
-metadataRepository file:c:/java/test-install
-artifactRepository file:c:/java/test-install
-destination c:/java/rcp/test_install
-bundlepool c:/java/rcp/test_install

It starts running but then I get errors:

!ENTRY org.eclipse.equinox.p2.metadata.repository 4 0 2008-06-03 16:33:30.177
!MESSAGE ProvisioningEventBus could not be obtained. Metadata caches may not be cleaned up properly.
Installing Mail 1.0.0.
Installation failed.

!ENTRY org.eclipse.equinox.p2.engine 4 4 2008-06-03 16:33:31.834
!MESSAGE An error occurred while collecting items to be installed
!SUBENTRY 1 org.eclipse.equinox.p2.artifact.repository 4 0 2008-06-03 16:33:31.834
!MESSAGE Problems downloading artifact: osgi.bundle,MailDemo,1.0.0.
!SUBENTRY 2 org.eclipse.equinox.p2.artifact.repository 4 0 2008-06-03 16:33:31.834
!MESSAGE Unable to read repository at file:c:/java/test-install/plugins/MailDemo_1.0.0.jar.
!SUBENTRY 2 org.eclipse.equinox.p2.artifact.repository 4 0 2008-06-03 16:33:31.834
!MESSAGE Unable to read repository at file:c:/java/test-install/plugins/MailDemo_1.0.0.jar.
!SUBENTRY 2 org.eclipse.core.runtime 0 0 2008-06-03 16:33:31.834
… many more similar errors

All the files that cannot be read actually exist. Here I am stuck and would appreciate any help.



JSR 277 and OSGi ?


Last weekend I met with Geertjan from the NetBeans team and we had an interesting discussion about OSGi, the NetBeans module system and JSR 277. Geertjan showed me a blog entry of Mandy Chung, talking about interoperability of JSR 277 and OSGi. if you are interested in this topic, take a look at Mandy’s recent blog entry and also at the blog of Bryan Atsatt. What do you think?

Eclipse RCP vs. NetBeans Platform BOF @ JavaOne

Friday I got a mail from JavaOne saying that also my BOF Eclipse RCP vs. NetBeans Platform got accepted :). I will do the BOF together with Geertjan Wielenga from Sun. Since we won’t have too much time for discussion during the big technical session, the BOF will be a great opportunity to share experiences with both rich client platforms. The BOF will be Thursday, May 08, 6:30pm – 7:20pm.

Eclipse RCP @ JavaOne

I am very happy that my session “The NetBeans Platform Compared to the Eclipse Rich Client Platform” got accepted at this year’s JavaOne conference. This time I will give the session together with Geertjan Wielenga (from Sun’s NetBeans team), who will cover the NetBeans Platform while I can focus on the Eclipse Rich Client Platform.

Advanced RCP Tutorial Slides

Yesterday I gave a 2-hour tutorial about “Advanced Eclipse RCP” at the EclipseCon 2008 in Santa Clara. You can download the tutorial slides here (2.8 MB). All the source code for the demos you can get from the MP3 Manager project home page via anonymous svn access. I would like to thank everybody for the feedback, I am very pleased with the bucket results :).

Dynamic Language Switcher for Eclipse RCP Apps


People often ask me how to dynamically change the language in an Eclipe RCP application. I tried it out myselft and have to admit that it is not as easy as I would have expected. The problem is that PlatformUI.getWorkbench().restart() does not allow to set (or change) any new startup parameters, like -nl de. I have already filed a feature request for that (see 222023). The only workaround I found so far is to modify the product’s .ini file of the deployed RCP based product manually. Unfortunately I did not find a solution that works during development using launchers. I have implemented the dynamic language switcher in the plug-in com.siemens.ct.mp3m.language, see the project home page of the MP3 Manager demo (see Below is a screenshot showing the language menu:

language menu

A nice set of free flag icons you can find at

New HTML Sitemap 1.3 available


I fixed a small bug to make the sitemap HTML 4.01 compliant. You can download the new version here.

Eclipse RCP Demo: MP3 Manager Update


I have added two new projects for my Eclipse RCP demo application MP3 Manager:

  • com.siemens.ct.mp3m.ui.editors.id3.databinding:
    This editor is very similar compared with the com.siemens.ct.mp3m.ui.editors.id3 editor but uses rudimentary Eclipse data binding. I did not add validation so far but I have planned that for future releases.
  • com.siemens.ct.mp3m.ui.cheatsheets:
    This bundle implements a little cheat sheet and provides help for adding and deleting music folders.

You find the project home page at where you get the information for anonymous svn access.

Have Fun


Advanced RCP Tutorial

I am very happy that my tutorial “Advanced Eclipse RCP” got accepted for EclipseCon 2008!

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