RCP Headless Build with PluginBuilder

One of my open action items for my MP3 Manager RCP Demo was to provide a headless build. It tried out PDE Build once and it worked great, but I had problems enabling the unit test runs. Recently I created a new project that uses PluginBuilder to generate the PDE build infrastructure. PluginBuilder is a great tool for easily setting up a PDE build structure for your RCP app and supports the integration of  SVN and CVS, as well as the integration of unit tests. Unfortunately, currently the RCP build only works with Eclipse 3.3.2, when using Eclipse 3.4, the executable is not generated but I hope that 3.4 will be supported when it is final.

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  1. Petar Bodor

    Are there any plans to integrate with maven for dependency management? Thanks.

  2. Kai Tödter

    @Petar, currently I don’t plan to integrate Maven.

  3. stephen


    I’m trying to do an anon svn checkout, but keep getting a 403 Forbidden.

    I’m using the url https://max-server.myftp.org:444/svn/mp3m/

    I’ve also tried to browse, and to look at branches through a web browser and all fails.

    Would you mind checking if anon svn access is still allowed?


  4. philipp

    you must install delta pack in your 3.4 installation. Then the executable will begenerated. By the way, you can also use eclipse’s exe. They all the same, just the equinox launcher…

  5. Leo

    Hi there,

    Very interesting subject! And difficult to find much information too 🙁

    Some time ago I was trying to get a RCP headless build to run under cruisecontrol and I ran into this missing binary problem, but the delta pack helped at that point. The problem was later that a few plugins dependencies were missing and most of my own app’s were duplicated, but with different timestamps… I’ll still get back to this anytime soon.
    I am using Java 1.5 and eclipse 3.4.
    I’m checking the MP3 app now!


  6. Hugo Corbucci

    I run a CAD open source software built over RCP.
    I’ve recently managed to build it using plugin builder but I am having troubles with the branding (mainly, with the icon of the executable).
    I’d like to know what plug-in would you suggest that should contain the .product file and how does PDE generates the executable (and therefore looks for the icon to build in)?


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