Inconsistencies in Eclipse Project Wizards

Recently I implemented a customer-specific project wizard. Since I didn’t want to reinvent the wheel, I took a look at the existing Eclipse project wizards. When comparing them I noticed a few (little) inconsistencies. As an example compare the screen shots of the Java project wizard and the Plug-in project wizard. First, the plug-in project wizard:

Then the Java project wizard:


The plug-in project wizard is actually reusing the general new project wizard while the Java project wizard does not reuse it. I personally like the UI design of the plug-in wizard better because it is smaller, makes better use of space and has a more intuitive semantics. Consider the following situation: An Eclipse newbie wants to create a NEW Java project but not create the project in the workspace. How would he do that? As an experienced Eclipse user he would know that he just selects “Create project from existing source” and then browse to an empty or even non-existing directory. But that is not what the radio button’s text suggests.

Personally I found it very curious that I use Eclipse for years now and never noticed that :). This example is of course not a big deal, but wouldn’t it be a good time now to take a look at the existing Eclipse UI from a new user’s point of view and improve the usability and the consistency a bit?
If you agree, vote for bug 199147.

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  1. Wayne Beaton

    Did you file a bug report? 🙂

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