Long Time no Blog…


A few months ago I moved on to a new full time job at Siemens Building Technologies. I was so exited about all the new technologies and software srchitecture concepts that I did not find the time to blog about it. But I really would love to blog in the next months about my experience with

  • AngularJS
  • TypeScript
  • Restful Web services + HyperMedia APIs
  • Continuous delivery with Gradle and Jenkins

I started the year with re-designing my web site, the goal was to focus on things that I like: Software, Music, Videos and more. I also wanted to have a responsive design, that could be viewed an mobile devices and tablets, as well as on desktop computers.

And I wanted to quickly edit it from everywhere. Since I had run my blog on WordPress for several years, I decided to give WordPress a try for the whole site. I bought a professional WordPress Theme and customized it for my needs. Right now I am pretty pleased with the result, but there’s a lot of room for improvements…

I guess I will work on the site for a while, but the start is done…


  1. Andreas01-27-2014

    Hi, the things you do at Siemens … is there any “public available” stuff out there? Apps or something like this? I work also for Siemens as an external developer. We are doing the crazy online-configurator (mall) stuff 🙂 Currently I play a lot with Vaadin, Spring, Maven etc. I asked me sometimes if there any Siemens internal “web technology group”? Kind Regards Andreas from Leipzig

  2. Kai Tödter01-28-2014

    Hi Andreas, since Siemens is so big, we have many internal technology groups. With regards to open source, there is a public Siemens GitHub account with some great open source projects, see https://github.com/siemens. Within the Siemens TechnoWeb there are also a few Web technology groups.

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