Long Time no Blog…

A few months ago I moved on to a new full time job at Siemens Building Technologies. I was so exited about all the new technologies and software srchitecture concepts that I did not find the time to blog about it. But I really would love to blog in the next months about my experience with

  • AngularJS
  • TypeScript
  • Restful Web services + HyperMedia APIs
  • Continuous delivery with Gradle and Jenkins

I started the year with re-designing my web site, the goal was to focus on things that I like: Software, Music, Videos and more. I also wanted to have a responsive design, that could be viewed an mobile devices and tablets, as well as on desktop computers.

And I wanted to quickly edit it from everywhere. Since I had run my blog on WordPress for several years, I decided to give WordPress a try for the whole site. I bought a professional WordPress Theme and customized it for my needs. Right now I am pretty pleased with the result, but there’s a lot of room for improvements…

I guess I will work on the site for a while, but the start is done…

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  1. Andreas

    Hi, the things you do at Siemens … is there any “public available” stuff out there? Apps or something like this? I work also for Siemens as an external developer. We are doing the crazy online-configurator (mall) stuff 🙂 Currently I play a lot with Vaadin, Spring, Maven etc. I asked me sometimes if there any Siemens internal “web technology group”? Kind Regards Andreas from Leipzig

  2. Kai Tödter

    Hi Andreas, since Siemens is so big, we have many internal technology groups. With regards to open source, there is a public Siemens GitHub account with some great open source projects, see https://github.com/siemens. Within the Siemens TechnoWeb there are also a few Web technology groups.

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