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Eclipse RCP 3.3 update issue


I have updated my Eclipse RCP demo application using Eclipse 3.3. I ran into problems with the update mechanism, getting errors with regards to the feature org.eclipse.rcp. I already filed a bug (204075).

Steps To Reproduce:
1. Create an RCP-based application with update functionality
2. Include the feature org.eclipse.rcp in your own feature
3. Deploy your application to the local file system
4. Create a new version of your feature
5. Update your update site
6. Try to update your previously deployed application

You cannot update it, because you get an error with regards to org.eclipse.rcp 3.3.0 v>xxxx>.jar: [Invalid signature file digest for Manifest main attributes]

Workaround (only tested on Windows):
1. Browse your Eclipse 3.3 distribution’s feature directory
2. Jar the org.eclipse.rcp feature again (to zip it and then rename it to .jar works just fine)
3. Copy the new feature to your update site (override the original org.eclipse.rcp feature)

Then your update works fine again.

NetBeans and untrusted certificates (for svn)

It took me a while to figure out how I can make NetBeans work with my self signed ssl certificate that I use for my subversion server:

  • Perform any svn operation with the locally installed command line client (addressing the server with the untrusted certificate)
  • When the client responds with messages about an untrusted certificate, accept it
  • Under Windows, copy your
    C:Documents and SettingsApplication DataSubversionauthsvn.ssl.server to
    C:Documents and Settings.netbeansconfigsvnconfigauthsvn.ssl.server

Then, svn command work well under NetBeans

Including the Eclipse 3.3 help system in RCP applications


I just updated the help system for one of my tutorial RCP applications to Eclipse 3.3. I wanted to use the Jetty stack instead of Tomcat, like the Eclipse 3.3 SDK does. Since the help on “RCP help” is still a bit outdated, it took me a while to collect all necessary plug-ins. Here is the list of plug-ins you need to deploy with your Eclipse 3.3 RCP based application if you want to use the Jetty stack (in alphabetical order):

  • javax.servlet
  • javax.servlet.jsp
  • org.apache.commons.el
  • org.apache.commons.logging
  • org.apache.jasper
  • org.apache.lucene
  • org.apache.lucene.analysis
  • org.eclipse.core.variables
  • org.eclipse.equinox.http.jetty
  • org.eclipse.equinox.http.registry
  • org.eclipse.equinox.http.servlet
  • org.eclipse.equinox.jsp.jasper
  • org.eclipse.equinox.jsp.jasper.registry
  • org.motbay.jetty