Eclipse RCP 3.3 update issue

I have updated my Eclipse RCP demo application using Eclipse 3.3. I ran into problems with the update mechanism, getting errors with regards to the feature org.eclipse.rcp. I already filed a bug (204075).

Steps To Reproduce:
1. Create an RCP-based application with update functionality
2. Include the feature org.eclipse.rcp in your own feature
3. Deploy your application to the local file system
4. Create a new version of your feature
5. Update your update site
6. Try to update your previously deployed application

You cannot update it, because you get an error with regards to org.eclipse.rcp 3.3.0 v>xxxx>.jar: [Invalid signature file digest for Manifest main attributes]

Workaround (only tested on Windows):
1. Browse your Eclipse 3.3 distribution’s feature directory
2. Jar the org.eclipse.rcp feature again (to zip it and then rename it to .jar works just fine)
3. Copy the new feature to your update site (override the original org.eclipse.rcp feature)

Then your update works fine again.

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  1. Maarten

    I thought I read somewhere that this is related to fact that the Eclipse feature jars are now signed and you don’t have the credentials locally.

    I copied the whole RCP set of jars to my own update site and restricted updates to my site only.

  2. Nicolas Richeton

    Nice post. I had this problem too but I didn’t have to time to find a workaround and simply stopped using update sites for now.

    I made some comments on bugzilla, because I heard somewhere that this issue may be caused by mixing signed and unsigned features on the same update site. I hope this will be fixed soon.

  3. Nicolas Richeton

    oops, didn’t refresh this page since this morning and Maarten already posted a comment about signed/unsigned jar. Sorry

  4. Wahoo

    Thank you for sharing!

  5. leuisc


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