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Eclipse RCP Demo: MP3 Manager 3.3.1 available

MP3 Manager is a little project that I use as a playground for Eclipse RCP features. The whole purpose of it is to share information and best practices, how things are done using Eclipse RCP. Please help me improving the code base by trying it out and filing bugs or requests for improvements. It is all Open Source, with anonymous subversion access. You find more information at the project homepage. Here is a (probably incomplete) list of features:

  • Product Branding & Feature Branding
    • Custom Splash Screen
    • Blue and Orange colored demo brandings
    • Images/Icons and About Dialog
  • Internationalization English/German (full Eclipse 3.3 localization still work in progress)
  • New Look & Feel using the Presentation API
  • Loose coupling of views and editors
  • Tree view, tree-table viewsand a virtual tree view
    • Regular Label & Content Provider
    • Using an adapter factory
  • Multi-page editor
  • Use of Commands & Handlers
  • Local help system using the Jetty stack
  • Customized update functionality
  • A Wizard
  • Own Extension Points
  • And much more

Here is a little screenshot:


Have Fun 🙂

OSGi with Eclipse RCP: Import-Package vs. Require-Bundle

I am a big fan of both, OSGi and Eclipse RCP. In terms of flexible modular architecture I prefer to use “Import-Package” rather than “Require-Bundle”. However, probably due to historical reasons, PDE supports “Require-Bundle” much better than “Import-Package”. And, in the current Eclipse 3.3 platform, split packages are used (I guess mostly for compatibility reasons). With my current RCP demo application, I have the following problem with switching to “Import-Package”: After putting my target platform in the list of “Automated Management of Dependencies” (Why is that not the default?, probably I file a feature request) and letting PDE compute the dependencies using “Import-Package”, my application does not run anymore.

I get the error:
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/eclipse/ui/progress/IProgressService.

Who has an advice or a best practice how generally to proceed here?

Eclipse RCP 3.3.1 and I18N


The last piece to complete my demo application’s port to RCP 3.3 would be the localization using different language packs. After one hour I gave up to make the 3.2.1 language packs work with my application. I filed a feature request (Bug id 205732) for that and hope that the new language packs will be available soon.