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RCP Self Provisioning with P2: It Works!!!


I finally could create the mail demo RCP app using p2 to update itself!
My environment is Windows Vista, Java 6, Eclipse 3.4 RC4.

Here are the steps that describe how I p2-enabled the mail demo:

1. Created the mail demo (project p2-maildemo)

2. Created a product configuration p2-maildemo.product

3. Added 3 plug-ins to both launcher and product configuration (and added required plug-ins)
– org.eclipse.equinox.p2.exemplarysetup
– org.eclipse.equinox.p2.ui.sdk
– org.eclipse.equinox.simpleconfigurator.manipulator

To get the final update work in the installed product, it is also necessary to include the following 3 plug-ins with dependencies in the product configuration:
– org.eclipse.ecf.provider.filetransfer
– org.eclipse.equinox.p2.touchpoint.eclipse
– org.eclipse.equinox.p2.touchpoint.natives

4. Exported the product and the metadata/artifact repositories to c:/java/RCP/p2-maildemo

5. Used the director app to install the mail demo from the repository, with the following Program arguments:
-metadataRepository file:c:/java/RCP/p2-maildemo/repository
-artifactRepository file:c:/java/RCP/p2-maildemo/repository
-installIU p2_maildemo.product
-version 1.0.0
-destination c:/java/RCP/p2-maildemo/install
-profile MaildemoProfile
-bundlepool c:/java/RCP/p2-maildemo/install
-profileProperties org.eclipse.update.install.features=true
-p2.os win32 win32
-p2.arch x86

VM arguments:

6. Started the installed mail demo in c:/java/RCP/p2-maildemo/install

7. Selected Help/Software Updates…: Showed the P2 UI with installed Product in version 1.0.0

So far so good!

Now I wanted to create a new version 1.0.1 of the product and update the installed version 1.0.0:

8. Updated main mail demo plug-in to version 1.0.1

9. Updated product version to 1.0.1

10. Exported the new product version 1.0.1 in the SAME location, to update the metadata/artifact repositories.

The first thing I noticed was that my installed 1.0.0 did not find any update. I thought, when the installation repository contains a new version, this would be seen by my application without any extra configuration.

11. So I added the repository c:/java/RCP/p2-maildemo/repository manually as a new site, and voila, the new version 1.0.1 was displayed and ready for update.

12. When I wanted to install the update, the P2 dialog told me correctly: “RCP Product is already installed, so an update will be performed instead.”

13. And now, when I clicked finish, the update was actually happening, the new version was installed properly!!!

I am so happy that I finally got this to run πŸ™‚

What would be the best practice to create a list of artifacts/metadata repositories in the configuration/.settings/org.eclipse.equinox.p2.metadata.repository.prefs and org.eclipse.equinox.p2.artifacts.repository.prefs to include the real update sites for the product?

Many thanks to everybody who helped me.


RCP Headless Build with PluginBuilder


One of my open action items for my MP3 Manager RCP Demo was to provide a headless build. It tried out PDE Build once and it worked great, but I had problems enabling the unit test runs. Recently I created a new project that uses PluginBuilder to generate the PDE build infrastructure. PluginBuilder is a great tool for easily setting up a PDE build structure for your RCP app and supports the integration ofΒ  SVN and CVS, as well as the integration of unit tests. Unfortunately, currently the RCP build only works with Eclipse 3.3.2, when using Eclipse 3.4, the executable is not generated but I hope that 3.4 will be supported when it is final.

P2 and RCP Apps


With every new 3.4 RC I try to p2-enable the mail demo application. I got many valuable tips from Pascal and I think, I am getting closer but I am not there yet :). Here is, what I did:

  • I created the mail demo from the wizard
  • I created a product configuration and included all the necessary p2 related plug-ins
  • Then I exported the app to my local file system
  • The next step was to create a metadata and an artifact repository
  • I used Eclipse 3.4 RC3 and started an osgi app with the following parameters
    -application org.eclipse.equinox.p2.metadata.generator.EclipseGenerator
    -metadataRepository file:C:/java/test-install
    -artifactRepository file:C:/java/test-install
    -source c:/java/rcp/examples/p2-maildemo/eclipse
    -root Mail
    -rootVersion 1.0.0
    -flavor foobar
  • The repositories were successfully created
  • Then I installed the p2 agent 3.4 RC3
  • I created a new profile and installed the Mail application to a new installation location
  • I could successfully run newly installed Mail application πŸ™‚ So far, so good

Now I want to install the application directly from Eclipse using the director application. I created a run configuration with the following argument:

-flavor foobar
-installIU Mail
-version 1.0.0
-p2.os win32 win32
-p2.arch x86
-profile MailProfile
-metadataRepository file:c:/java/test-install
-artifactRepository file:c:/java/test-install
-destination c:/java/rcp/test_install
-bundlepool c:/java/rcp/test_install

It starts running but then I get errors:

!ENTRY org.eclipse.equinox.p2.metadata.repository 4 0 2008-06-03 16:33:30.177
!MESSAGE ProvisioningEventBus could not be obtained. Metadata caches may not be cleaned up properly.
Installing Mail 1.0.0.
Installation failed.

!ENTRY org.eclipse.equinox.p2.engine 4 4 2008-06-03 16:33:31.834
!MESSAGE An error occurred while collecting items to be installed
!SUBENTRY 1 org.eclipse.equinox.p2.artifact.repository 4 0 2008-06-03 16:33:31.834
!MESSAGE Problems downloading artifact: osgi.bundle,MailDemo,1.0.0.
!SUBENTRY 2 org.eclipse.equinox.p2.artifact.repository 4 0 2008-06-03 16:33:31.834
!MESSAGE Unable to read repository at file:c:/java/test-install/plugins/MailDemo_1.0.0.jar.
!SUBENTRY 2 org.eclipse.equinox.p2.artifact.repository 4 0 2008-06-03 16:33:31.834
!MESSAGE Unable to read repository at file:c:/java/test-install/plugins/MailDemo_1.0.0.jar.
!SUBENTRY 2 org.eclipse.core.runtime 0 0 2008-06-03 16:33:31.834
… many more similar errors

All the files that cannot be read actually exist. Here I am stuck and would appreciate any help.