EclipseCon 2010 Feedback

I would like to thank everyone who attended my sessions at EclipseCon for the feedback. The bucket-feedback was (+1/0/-1):

  • Advanced Eclipse Rich Client Platform
    (together with Ben Pasero): 51/9/0
  • What’s new in e4 CSS Styling?: 11/2/0
  • e4 – Anatomy of an e4-Application
    (together with Tom Schindl and Lars Vogel): 74/6/0

I am very happy with the feedback, especially with some of the comments :):

  • “Excellent for content, depth, detail and presentation.”
  • “Great session! Easily the best so far”
  • “Great Presentation No delays for configuration”

This motivates me so much that I plan to submit “Reloaded” versions of the tutorials for EclipseCon 2011!

@Tom, @Lars, @Ben: What do you think?
@Chris, when are you planing to open the submission system?

Have Fun

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  1. Ben Pasero

    Yes I was excited about the results as well, EC 2011 reloaded sounds good 🙂

  2. Lars Vogel

    Giving the e4 tutorial was fun. Would be cool to deliver another 4.0 tutorial with Tom and you.

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