My upcoming Eclipse 4.0 RCP related Sessions/Tutorials/Trainings

Summer is almost over, I had a great vacation with my family. Now I am looking forward to the upcoming events to talk about e4 (Eclipse 4.0 RCP respectively).

The next event is the JAOO conference at the beginning of October in beautiful Aarhus (Denmark). At JAOO I give a full day tutorial “Developing Rich Clients with Eclipse 4.0”. I like JAOO a lot, this is a conference where I always meet very interesting people and learn new things. If you plan to attend, here is a tip to get 20% discount. Follow me or any other JAOO speaker on Twitter and then use “JAOOspeakerfollower” as promotion code upon registration. Besides the great conference technical content, I really love the tasty food by Chilly John. Have you ever tasted a steak with a chilly/chocolate sauce?

One week later, at October 20th, I give a full day tutorial “Rich Client Entwicklung mit Eclipse 4.0” in Düsseldorf, Germany. This will be full day of e4 related RCP stuff with lot of hands-on experience.

The next event is Eclipse Summit Europe in Ludwigsburg (November 2-4). I will give an e4 tutorial “Anatomy of an e4 Application” together with Lars Vogel, participate in the “Eclipse 4.0 Hackfest” (together with Boris Bokowski, Tom Schindl and Lars Vogel). And I give a little short talk about “Eclipse 4.0: Theming the UI with CSS“. This conference is like a little EclipseCon in Germany. I am pretty exited that Jeff Norris is going to give a key note. The keynote Jeff gave at this year’s EclipseCon was one of the best I have ever seen in my life (and I have seen quite a lot keynotes :)).  Also Gunter Dueck is always fun, very nice to have him as keynote speaker.

Then, from November 15-19, I have a home match at the W-JAX conference in Munich, Germany. Here I talk about “Eclipse 4.0: CSS Styling and Workbench Modeling“. W-JAX in Munich is always great!

So, if you are interested in e4, there’s lots of upcoming events you could attend.

Have Fun!

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