MP3 Manager 3.6.2 released

Yesterday I released version 3.6.2 of my Eclipse RCP demo “MP3 Manager”. You find all information at the project page.

What’s new in version 3.6.2?

  • Now based on target platform Eclipse 3.6.2
  • New target definition project
    • See project
  • Fixed PDE build, based on 3.6.2 (Bug 327706 is fixed!)
  • New Tycho based build
    • See project com.siemens.ct.mp3m.tycho (the tycho product build)
    • See project com.siemens.ct.mp3m.tycho.parent (the parent pom)
  • Minor code cleanup

You can download the latest sources and the win32 binaries (including a demo song played by myself) here. The Tycho based build results for win32 and Linux (not including demo songs) you find here.

As soon as Tycho support rootfiles in features (planned for version 0.11.0 of Tycho) I will also include the demo songs in the Tycho build.

Since MP3 Manager is a demo, I plan to support both PDE builds and Tycho builds in the future.

Have Fun!


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  1. Daniel Zimmermann

    Nice one Kai,

    it’s more than a year when I tested you App – there are quite some changes…

    Just a couple of questions are left:
    1) I use E3.6.1 atm and want to use the p2-Stuff as well, but I have no clue where to start – which of your projects in your SVN would be the best to learn it
    2) It seems, you have some trouble whith the dependencies as well, when I check the toolbar… I would be glad to know, how to get rid of it without making the app unusable!
    3) How can you completly change the layout of the views? Is this done via the Presentations API?
    4) How can you switch the language during runtime?
    5) Jobs with no cance to cancel them? How?

    That’s all – for now 🙂

    BTW: when scanning directories, your app displays “scanning directies” or something like that 😉

    Greets and nice App,

    (Ich bin gespannt, was du da alles noch so rein integrierst!)

  2. Kai Tödter

    Hi Daniel

    1) I just use out of the box p2, it’s all in the p2 feature I include in the product
    2) Theses were introduced due to newly included dependencies. Don’t know yet how to get rid of it…
    3) yes, see project …mp3m.presentation
    4) see project ..mp3m.language
    5) see

    “scanning directies” => thx 🙂

  3. Daniel Zimmermann

    Since I still use a plugin-based product, I never tried the p2 feature approach – maybe it’s worth a try!
    The new dependecies are a pain in the ass – so to speak – in my plugin based approach I do not have them, since I removed all misterious JDT dependencies (and since I’m working with the former Instantiations Designer, those deps, too) and got rid of them.
    Sometimes there are some entries in the log, that they are missing, but the app is running smootly. There is only one importand thing: Never press the “Add required dependencies” button…

    I will have a look at your presentation, hope it’s not the difficult hacking festival, I assume 😉

    Thanks for the link – I will try to look, if there is an easy way to integrate this, since I have some so-called “UniterruptableJob”s integrated in my app – at the moment the user is simply asked, if he really want to quit the application, while there a at least one of them still under way.

  4. Iago


    I would like download your demo for learm about your work 🙂 but the Url for SVN dont work, if you could give me another url i will be very happy 🙂

    A lot of thanks and sorry for my english!

    1. Kai Tödter

      During my vacation there was an issue with the dns, now it is available again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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