EclipseCon 2011 Slides

EclipseCon was great! Thanks for the feedback. Here are the PDF versions of my tutorials

The screen shot below shows our beloved RCP Mail demo with a bit of CSS styling. How to do this, you find in the above “Style It!” slides.

Have Fun!


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  1. Jose

    hello kai,
    I have a question: Can i change the color of a viewPart-RCP 3.x with CSS? i also need to change the color of the main Window of my RCP application in Eclipse Helios.
    I dont understand Presentation API 🙁 and i prefer CSS 😀

    Thanks in advance.

  2. FrankB

    The slides seem no more available (
    Can you please make them available?

    1. Kai Tödter

      Sorry, I don’t have them anymore.

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