Eclipse Demo Camp @ Siemens Sold Out!

It’s more than a month left but all of the available 200 tickets for the Siemens AG / EclipseSource Eclipse Demo Camp on June 21 in Munich are already taken. To get the most possible amount of people a chance to attend,

  • I will send an email to all registered attendees and kindly ask them to re-check, if they really plan to come. If someone cannot attend the demo camp anymore, she/he could let me know and give more people the chance to attend.
  • I will try to get more seats (It mostly depends on the room).

So, if you would like to come and don’t have a ticket yet, there is still a chance that you would be able to register in the near future. Please stay tuned and check often.

And, if you read this, have already registered but cannot attend the demo camp for any reason, please let me know asap.

CU there…


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