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Eclipse Demo Camp @ Siemens Munich => Impressions

At June 20th, 2011, the Eclipse Demo Camp took place at the Siemens campus in Munich, Germany. From my point of view, the event was just great. We had 165 attendees (which might be a new record for a German Indigo demo camp), 12 excellent speakers, great sessions, enough food and beer and – lots of fun! I would like to thank all speakers for both giving great demos/sessions and staying in their time slot (which is not easy just having 20 minutes): Ralf Müller, Ekkehard “Ekke” Gentz, Peter Friese, Tom Schindl, Ralf Sternberg, Marcel Bruch, Maximilian Kögel, Jonas Helmig, Alexandra Imrie, Benjamin Muskalla, and Sebastian Zarnekow.

This was not the first event with 150+ attendees I have organized in the last years, but this was by far the biggest event in terms of food and beer consumption. We had nice Bavarian food and it was gone in 30 Minutes! But everyone got enough, and thanks to the great catering service after the second track there was even more… If I get the numbers a will probably post some statistics.

The slides I collected so far you can download here.

The award for the funniest demo went to Jonas Helming and Maximilian Kögel for showing off a Microsoft Kinect connected to an Eclipse IDE, controlling the IDE with funny gestures. I see much potential in here!!!. The picture below shows Jonas, Maximilian and the attendees trying out the gestures.

I had so much fun at this demo camp that I am planning to organize another one next year… Now I am looking forward to attending the demo camp in Hamburg on June 28th.


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  1. Alexandru Moldovan

    Hello, do you have some other pictures from this event?

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