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JCalendar 1.4 Released

After 2 years I released a new version of my free Java date picker JCalendar. You find the download, demo and documentation of the stable release and the current integration build at the project homepage. Here are the new and noteworthy things:

Buttons for “Today” and “No Date”
JCalendar provides 2 new methods for setting the “Today “button and/or “No Date” button visible. These 2 buttons are localized by default, but you could set your own labels if you don’t like the default translations.


Date Evaluators
With the interface IDateEvaluator you can add evaluators that decide if a date is special or invalid. Invalid dates can not be chosen. Both, special and invalid dates can have specific foregrounds and backgrounds. In the picture below, day 4 and 5 are invalid and day 6 and 7 are special. The special days can provide a tooltip that indicate why they are special.

Look & Feel
Now JGoodies Looks 2.4.1 is included. The demo now uses different font for the Plastic Look & Feel so that unicode characters are displayed correctly. Also Nimbus Look & Feel is supported better.

Fixed Bugs
– Bug in focus handling fixed
– Bug when selecting last day of a month and then change the month fixed

Have Fun!


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  1. Shaun Forgie


    I am trying to select a set of components that can be used to implement a booking / scheduling application in an eclipse RCP 4.0 platform. One of things I cant find is a good calendar, similar in notion to outlook, whereby the user can select day/week/month views showing bookings over the selected date range. Do you know of any suitable frameworks / components that could be used in such a situation?


  2. Pancho



    How can I start as empty JDateChooser and having a non current date by selecting the icon?

  4. varshith

    Could i implement Jcalendar in GWT .If it is possible pls give me the steps its urgent ,thanks

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