Eclipse Demo Camp Munich 2013: Impressions

Yesterday we had the Eclipse Demo Camp Munich 2013 at the Siemens campus. Around 150 attendees showed up, and from the feedback I got do far, the event was a great success.


I would like to thank

  • All speakers: Ralph Müller, Tom Schindl, Gerrit Grunwald, Eike Stepper, Marcel Bruch, Jonas Helming, Eugen Nefeld, Matthias Zimmerman, Jérémie Bresson, and Matthias Sohn!
  • Our sponsors: Siemens AG, EclipseSource Munich,  Eclipse Magazin (S&S Media GmbH) and EclipseScout (BSI Business Systems Integration AG)
  • All attendees

You all made the demo camp a great event. My personal highlight in terms of fun factor was the release of the EMF Client Platform, when Jonas and the EMF Client Platform team pushed the BIG RED RELEASE BUTTON

and we could follow the release build live. Here is a short video:

Today I felt so good about the demo camp that I have booked the location again for next year, so stay tuned for Eclipse Demo Camp Munich 2014 🙂


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